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WARM IS A CONCEPT ALBUM  featuring 13 songs written and produced by Mark Clennon. The album centres around themes of love, Love for family, Romantic love and love for self. The album also reflects on mark clennon's experience growing up as a gay man in Jamaica. Mark hopes to bring awareness to the plight of lgbt people in Jamaica.  warm is scheduled to be released in summer 2024. 



for the live show mark will perform solo. he will alternate between the saxophone, flute, piano, guitar and depending on the size of the show there may be dancehall dancers.

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Born in Kingston, Jamaica  in a musical family  Mark grew up surrounded by love and was encouraged at an early age to express himself in any manner possible. Marks Father is from Trench Town and grew up alongside  the Marleys  in what has been described as the most exciting time for music in Jamaicas history. Mark plays 5 instruments, produces his own music  and is constantly seeking ways to grow as an artist. In 2023 Mark was named a "rising Star" by the Toronto International Film Festival for his lead performance in the film "I Don't Know Who You Are" where plays a Toronto musician who experiences a traumatic assault and is sent a whirlwind 72 hour panic filled adventure. The year prior Mark released "Kingston" which made history as the first music video set in Jamaica to feature an LGBT love story. Mark Clennon is currently the only openly gay artist performing in the Jamaican music scene on the island. In 2024 he releases his debut album which will expand on many of the themes he has explored in his previous music and will be a platform for him to further advocate for LGBT Jamaicans.

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