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Warm is the debut album by Mark Clennon and will be the first album of its kind to address homophobia in Jamaican society. The Album is produced written and arranged by Mark Clennon and will be released in Summer 2024. In 2022 Mark Clennon made history with his single "Kingston" which was the first music video set in Jamaica to feature an LGBT love story, For Warm Mark will explore similar themes in hopes of bringing awareness to the plight of LGBT Jamaicans.

  1. Warm

  2. How Long

  3. You

  4. Drowning

  5. Fool

  6. Mummy

  7. I Don't Love Myself Enough

  8. Big Bad Man

  9. Someone Just like Me

  10. No Pain

  11. Negril

  12. Far Away

  13. I Don'T Know Who You Are

Track Listing


1st Single - You

2nd Single - No Pain

3rd Single - Negril

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