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Warm is more than an album,  It's an experience. Warm is a collection of songs written and produced by Mark Clennon. Mark wrote the album over the course of many years with the intention to tell a story, A story about love, Family and the complicated marriage between his deep love and appreciation for his culture but also his commitment to live his life fully as himself. 

Warm was recorded at Raven tape studios in Toronto, Ontario. All songs were written and produced by Mark Clennon, Mixed by Alex Gamble and mastered by Kristian Montano.

Mark describes the record as "Jamaican Pop" with strong reggae and dancehall influences but also experimenting with pop, Folk RnB and a variety of sounds to create Mark Clennon's signature style. On the record Mark plays piano, Guitar, recorder, Flute, Drums, Flute  and the saxophone.



  1. Warm

  2. How Long

  3. You

  4. Drowning

  5. Fool

  6. Mummy Don’t Cry

  7. I Don’t Love Myself Enough To Leave

  8. Big Bad Man

  9. Someone Just Like Me

  10. No Pain

  11. Negril

  12. Far Away

  13. I Don’t Know Who You Are


First Single

You tells the story of 2 men in Kingston Jamaica coming to terms with the end of a complicated and passionate relationship. This is the follow up to Mark Clennon's song "Kingston" which made history in 2022 as the first video shot in Jamaica to feature an onscreen romance between 2 men.

Directed by:  Mark Clennon and MH                               Murray

Director of Photography: Dmitry Lopatin

Produced by: Mark Clennon Universe                             and Black  Elephant                                 Productions


2nd Single


Warm Live


To accompany the release of the record Mark Clennon will produce a series of live performance videos shot on location in various locations.

Thanks for listening

Mark Clennon

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